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Histories of the Thai–Burma railway

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Personal accounts, memoirs and biographies

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Unit histories

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Australian War Memorial records

POW database

The AWM database can be searched for individual POWs at

Official records

Official Records of particular relevance are those held in Series AWM54. Records pertaining to the 8th Division while they were in captivity can be found in items numbered 554. Other highly relevant material includes transcripts of evidence from the War Crimes Trials, located in items numbered 1010/3 and affidavits and sworn statements by POWs, held in items numbered 1010/4/1 to 151.

Private records

The Australian War Memorial holds in excess of 120 private records created by POWs who were held captive on the Burma-Thailand railway. However, only a limited number of records relate to men who served on the Hellfire Pass section of the railway.

Photographs and art

A large collection of photographs depicting the Burma-Thailand railway are held by the Australian War Memorial. These can be located at:

Online records

Japanese accounts

  • Takashi, Nagase and Masaru, Watase, Crosses and Tigers, Nagase Takashi, 1990.
  • Tamayama, Kazuo and Nunneley, John, Tales by Japanese soldiers of the Burma Campaign 1942–1945, London, Sterling Publishing, 2000.
  • Tamayama, Kazuo, Railwaymen in the war: tales by Japanese railway soldiers in Burma and Thailand, 1941–1947, Hampshire, Palgrave Macmillan, 2004.

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